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We are the experts in Car Wash Technologies in Greece

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Happiness is... driving your car after the Car Wash!


Our company after careful selection based on its experience in the carwash area, chose to represent BKF in Greece, Turkey and Bulgary

24/7 Service

We offer 24 hour service, 365 days per year, supported by our engineers that were specially trained in the BKF factory.

Assembly your Car Wash

We provide assistance in choosing the location of your Car Wash.

Thouchless Technique

We offer a quick, easy and economical way to wash, using a touchless selfservice technology with 24 hour operation.


We offer you a full service package through: Consulting on the selection of car washes and additional appliances. Calculation, analysis of profitability and financing. Assistance in choosing the location.

Creation of a design of a car wash or a washing complex on the selected location. delivery of all the data necessary to obtain the building conditions specifications,full documentation, designs and statements necessary to obtain the building permit.

Installation of the car wash Permanent and complex maintenance. Warranty and after-warranty service. Development and expansion .

Car Wahses

Choose between modular or cantainer, whatever suits you best!


Modular wash stands are designed for sites with low to medium wash intensity, such as small and medium-sized towns, districts, locations at local shops. Self-service modular car wash stand can also be built to complement an offer of a petrol stations, vehicle inspection stations, vulcanization stations, gas stations and manual car wash stations, etc.

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Container wash is intended for high and average intensity washing in medium and big cities, on housing estates or near large supermarkets. Self-service container wash may also be integrated into the offer of petrol stations, gas stations or hand wash centres, etc

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Unique washing technology

washing your car has never been easier!


    Spraying a chemical agent using softened water,
    preparation for the self-serve car washing (softening heavy dirt).


    90 bar pressure, water filtered from mechanical contamination – softened, chemical agents – powder with a pH neutral to the varnish, dosed out during the process (the surfactants technology), high temperature – supporting the dissolution of greasy tarnishes.


    The remnants of dirt and chemical agents after self-serve washing are washed off with water from the network of a 90 bar working pressure.


    Filtered water, – softened with the most advanced polymer, which covers the clean varnish with a thin, hard layer. Thanks to high temperature, it adhers to the varnish and provides lasting protection.


    Washing the car body with softened water, without minerals (demineralized water) along with a drying and polishing agent which helps achieve that stainless look. This program is the accomplishment of previous programs, it allows to eliminate the need for wiping or drying the vehicle.
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Gantry Car Washes

expand your business with our new innovative gantry car wash. A new unique machine for demanding customers.

Vacuum Cleaners

a self-service stationary facility, activated by inserting a coin or a token, single or double stand, used for cleaning a vehicle's interior.

Machine for Mats

made of stainless steel, is an excellent addition to your Car Wash.

Coin Change Machine

coin change machine could be interesting addition to your Car Wash.

Advantage due to technology

We are the precursors of many solutions for carwash. These advanced technologies below can be easily added to your Car Wash

Card Payments

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BKF Pay point

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Manage carwash by Internet

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Loyalty Cards

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Dog Shower

We provide the best technology for the care of your beloved pets!

Type / Code 230.SS.LA.GE / 106871 400.SS.LA.GE / 106890
Features Single-phase dog wash Three-phase dog wash
Coin validators electronic electronicί
Voltage V / Hz 230/50 400/50
Total installed power W 7000 7000
Suction motors W 1100 1000
Water heating W 2500 2500
Hot air W 1000+1000 1000+1000
Water storage L 50 50



Active foam – washing car bodies – ecological

A12-020 Wax Pro


Polishing and maintenance of the car body – concentrate

A10-020 Tex Pro


Washing seats, rugs, upholstery – concentrate

A27-020 Alu Pro


Daily wash for every type of wheel rims and hubcaps

A35 EKO Powder

EKO Powder

Daily wash and care for every kind of car body

Daily Income / Outcome

Daily Income Daily Outcome
Wash 800 € Rent 33 €
Vacuum Cleaners 100 € Power 32€
Rugs 10 € Water 30 €
Store 80 € Fuel 40 €
Coffee- Drinks 10 € Salt 5 €
Total Income 1000 € Total Outcome 200 €
Total Income 1000€
100% Complete
Total Outcome 200€
20% Complete
Total Profit 800€
80% Complete


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